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Place names

The Place Names Group is a small group of Archeox volunteers.  We have been researching East Oxford place names and field names.  This work complements the Project’s archaeological investigations – we can use the local place names and old field names to reconstruct the landscapes and land use of the area in the past.  Investigating these names helps us think about how people in East Oxford viewed the landscape around them.

Place Names Logo


These pages contain the research that we have written up so far – more material will follow in due course.

  • Cowley

 The field names of Cowley

  • Headington

 Headington field names 

  • Iffley and Rose Hill

Iffley and Rose Hill - place names and field names

  • Littlemore and Blackbird Leys

Littlemore and Blackbird Leys - place names and field names

  • St Clements

Place names of St Clements

  • Shotover
  • General research papers

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